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Where It's At! Productions is a full service live streaming / webcasting company, providing high definition video services to thousands of worldwide, online viewers. Watch our webcasts.

Co-owners Donovan Romanyk and Elicia Breslin have both a technical and business background to provide unique and modern experiences in Toronto and GTA.

Our goal is to give you, the producer, the tools to help reach a broader audience beyond those attending your event in person, and to create an online environment that encourages real-time interaction and feedback.

Many of our webcasts are accessible to the public, streamed directly to

For further customization and personalization options, your live streams can be upgraded with additional features, as outlined in the Features section. When you know the details of your event, go ahead and request a quote.
Reach a new audience anywhere in the world. The size and location of your venue are no longer a factor.

A video webcast is like a live televised version of your event, only better… you’re not limited by the reach of a specialty channel, because anyone with a computer can participate.

You control all aspects of the branding and delivery of the message, plus you can provide real-time audience response tools to make the virtual meeting as much like the in-room event as possible. Visit our webcasting channel at for examples.

There are hundreds – perhaps thousands – of potential participants of events who are not willing or able to travel to take part, but would still pay to view the content. These are your primary targets… and our pay-per-view service allows you to monetize that audience, as well as give them enough information to decide if they want to participate in person next year. Yes, webcasting can INCREASE your event's attendance!
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We utilize HD 1080p resolution. Our high definition camera feed is recorded independently of the webcast to allow for potential post-production editing, back-up options and uploading to third party websites such as Youtube or Vimeo.​
Our pay-per-view options make it easy to build revenue from your webcasts based on access to paid content. Your webcast becomes a source of profit instead of a business expense.  You pick the pricing and access parameters that works for you, and we integrate it right into your custom-designed webpage.

​With our basic package, webcasts go directly to  We already have a great layout there, but if you want something completely unique to reflect your own brand or style, we can create a custom subpage for you, including your own background design, colour scheme, pictures, logos, icons, buttons and social networking links like Facebook and Twitter.
Generally, when media is recorded by a production company, the right to use the content belongs to the production company, and can be used as promotional material,  such as uploading toYoutube. Permission for those rights can be given to you to use the material in any way.  The option for exclusive rights is also available, allowing ONLY you or your company to use the material.
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An engaged community is a valuable community. We can help by engaging your audience with great content that they can share across the web. We utilize a variety of tools to take your events to the next level.

Our portable encoder streams directly to the internet via Wi-Fi - no wires or bulky computer necessary. Combined with our mobile Internet system, we can live stream your event from virtually any location, indoors or outdoors. Think of the possibilities!

For audio recording, we can either set up our own microphone system, or take an output from your event's existing mixing console.

Out lighting kit is light, compact and portable, yet provides substantial illumination when that extra kick is needed.

Our live blogging tools let you create a completely immersive, social experience for viewers, no matter where they are watching. Videos, photos, and other elements can be added during the webcast just as in traditional broadcast. Visit our webcasting channel at for examples.

Password protection gives you full control over who can and cannot view your webcast. Without this feature, your webcast will be made available to the public.  With this feature,  you can share the secret password with a select audience and they will need to enter the password before accessing the webcast.
This feature will allow you to add the webcast window directly to your own website, or another website you have access to. When we produce your event window, a self-contained html code is created, which we provide to you. Your 'webmaster' will embed this code quickly and easily onto any section of your website.